Our Core Principles

We are proud to supply exceptional medical and non-medical services to aging adults and their families. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for seniors while offering peace of mind to their adult children.

Time Efficiency

Our Concierges help aging adults save valuable time by handling tasks such as appointments, grocery shopping, travel arrangements, and so much more. This allows our clients to dedicate more time to what truly matters to them.


CareUnit.us offers unmatched convenience. We manage tasks that can be challenging or time-consuming for aging adults, ensuring they experience a stress-free and enjoyable life.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced Concierge team excels in organization, time management, and problem-solving. We bring our expertise to every task, ensuring efficient and well-executed solutions.

Personalized Approach

At CareUnit.us, we understand the unique needs of each client. Our services are tailored to match the preferences and requirements of aging adults, offering personalized support.

Stress Relief

By entrusting tasks to our Concierge team, aging adults experience reduced stress and a more relaxed lifestyle. We oversee various responsibilities, allowing our clients to focus on their well-being.

Productivity Boost

With CareUnit.us taking care of various tasks, aging adults can use their energy for their passions, family, and self-care, leading to increased overall productivity.

Access to Resources

Our extensive network of contacts allows us to arrange needed medical and non-medical support, extraordinary events, secure reservations, and access exclusive services to ensure memorable experiences for our clients.

Range of Services

CareUnit.us offers a comprehensive range of services, from managing households, care coordination, organizing and decluttering, to planning events. CareUnit.us provides aging adults with professional help for a multitude of tasks, services, and solutions.


We offer both on-demand and ongoing services, ensuring flexibility based on our clients' unique needs and schedules.

Enhanced Quality of Life

In essence, CareUnit.us Concierges contribute to a better quality of life for aging adults. By supplying convenience, saving time, and reducing stress, we empower our clients to focus on what truly brings them joy.

Navigation as the Key

Navigation is at the heart of CareUnit.us. We expertly navigate the complexities of daily tasks, responsibilities, and challenges faced by aging adults. Our Concierge team ensures smooth sailing through life’s demands, allowing our clients to embrace their golden years with ease.