Meet Carrie R. Dunkley is poised to revolutionize the way aging adults and their families experience care and support. Through a combination of luxury services, innovative technology, and a commitment to holistic well-being, we are dedicated to creating a haven where seniors thrive, and families find peace of mind. Our goal is to become the preferred choice for those looking for comprehensive, compassionate, and dignified care for their loved ones.”

- Carrie R. Dunkley

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Drawing from a background rooted in education and healthcare, Carrie’s experiences illuminated the need for a comprehensive concierge service. The demands faced by adult children, often constrained by busy lives and geographical distances, underscored the necessity for a knowledgeable advocate and reference source. One that could address the manifold medical and non-medical needs of their aging loved ones. This insight led to the birth of

Our central focus revolves around providing both non-medical and medical guidance, advocacy, coordination, electronic communication & documentation, and life-enhancing activities. From tending to medical and non-medical needs to meal preparation, organization, bill payment, home and pet sitting, homewatch, and enriching activities, our firm goes above and beyond to cater to our clients’ requirements. Carrie emphasizes, “We’re continually expanding our services to meet the ever-growing demands.”

Whether we’re assisting seniors in maintaining their independence, supporting busy professionals, or providing luxurious and efficient experiences, our dedicated staff tailors each request to the unique individual. Carrie confidently asserts, “We are a comprehensive concierge firm, capable of fulfilling almost any imaginable request.”

The Promise

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Lee County, our reach extends across Lee and neighboring counties, as well as select cities throughout the U.S. As a woman-owned enterprise, our passionate commitment lies in ensuring our clients’ well-being and satisfaction. Partnering with, YOUR needs are paramount, and we take pride in delivering exceptional services that elevate convenience and enjoyment in life.